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Curriculum Areas

Language and Literacy

This includes not only talking, listening, reading and writing but also key-workers reading to them, sharing books, story tapes, and songs. They can also develop by drawing and being encouraged to write, by talking and socialising in small or larger groups with both adults and children. The Nurseries primary aim is to extend creativity and imagination within each child.

Physical Development

This involves knowledge of their bodies and how they move in space. We try to give children the opportunities to develop physical skills: large motor skills such as running, jumping, balancing, climbing, throwing and catching, steering and pedalling wheeled toys. For the development of small muscles we try to give them access to scissors, sellotape, pens, pencils, brushes and small construction material.


Children learn to count, sort, make patterns. They also develop understanding of shape, colours and space. For example: through sorting a puzzle or matching game cards.

Art & Craft

Children need experiences which are real, direct and first-hand, for example to use print and clay regularly, as well as drawing, weaving, collage, sewing, woodwork, pottery and 2 & 3 -dimensional.

Also listening to sounds that ever day objects make and creating sound from different activities. For example: rhymes and tunes.

Personal and Social Development

Children are encouraged to explore the local environment by examining nature, plants and insects. Also through the activities we provide for example during the circle-time, we enable the children to socially interact with each other.