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Our Aims

  • To provide a stimulating, caring and safe environment for ALL children in our care

  • To actively promote the development of positive self-image within the children

  • To be involved with the local community

  • To provide an atmosphere which makes the child and the parent/ carer happy and comfortable within the Nursery

  • To share information, resources, and practical advice when needed

  • To create a developed appropriate pre-school curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child

  • To support the children's families and work as partners with parents/ carers in an open and honest way

  • To create a non-sexist and non-racist atmosphere by doing the following:

    1.  Introducing appropriate toys, books and games

    2.  Welcoming ethnic minority contributions to the policies and practices of the Nursery

    3.  Providing positive images of different ethnic minorities and cultures, e.g. posters, toys, clothing, festivals

    4.  To develop and maintain strong links with other agencies and for them to recognise our professionalism